Come Face to Face with Caesar’s Empire

What would it be like to meet Julius Caesar? This will never happen, of course, because he is a figure from history rather than present times. However, you can meet him if you play Caesar’s Empire, a solid slot experience provided by Real Time Gaming. They’re known for producing slots that are consistent and very appealing to play, so let’s see what this particular effort has to share with us.

What should you expect in terms of reels and paylines?

There are hundreds of five-reel games online today, and this could be included in that group. It also provides 20 lines to wager money on if you want to bet on every single one.

How much could you bet?

You might be familiar with the typical bet amounts permitted in RTG games. This game is a classic in that it provides a low one-cent bet per line, but it also allows a maximum line bet of five dollars.

Does Caesar’s Empire have any particular symbols to look for?

Do you see the gold coin featuring Caesar’s head when you spin those reels? This is the wild and it will triple a prize if it helps you get a winning line. The only reel it won’t appear on is the one on the far right.

Meanwhile, the famous Coliseum is also going to make an appearance in this game. In this case, it acts as a scatter symbol. If you get just two dotted around, you will win something for your trouble. Yet as you will see, it is very much worth seeking three or more.

Is there a bonus round of some sort?

There is no real bonus game, but you can enjoy a quantity of free spins on the reels. You will have 10 of these awarded to you if you have Caesar on either the first, second, third or fourth reel and the Coliseum on the fifth reel. Every prize in a free spin round is doubled, and every time a gold coin appears this awards you a further five free spins. The Caesar coin might even show up on the fifth reel, but only during these free spins.

Download and play Caesar’s Empire slots right now!

You could be in store for a superb prize in this slot, especially if you get four Cleopatras plus one Caesar forming a line. if this occurs, 7,500 coins will be paid out to you to enjoy!