Win Palace offers some terrific promotions that are easy to understand and to claim—you won’t have to study the fine print to get on with your play time at the Palace! Here are some of the great promotions that we offer to get you to come in and give us a try and to keep you coming back for fun again and again.

  • $1000 Welcome Bonus—This is for new players, and it should make play at the Palace tempting indeed! This bonus is a 200% matching of up to $500 on each of your first two deposits. The matching money on this one is good for play at any of our casino or slot games, so give everything you have always wanted to try a spin now! Use the bonus code PALACEWELCOME to claim.
  • $3000 Slots Bonus—For the slot game aficionados exclusively we offer a $3000 Slot Bonus. This one is a 300% bonus on players’ first deposits of up to $1000. With that $1000 deposit, we will add $3000 to your account for play at the slots, no questions asked. What better way to try out all those bonus games that you have always been wondering about, or get an idea of how it feels to spin with the real high rollers? The bonus code for the Slots Bonus is WINSLOTS.
  • High Roller Bonus—For those who play with the big dogs, we offer a special High Roller Bonus. This is a 200% match on an initial deposit of $750 or more, up to a match of $2000. To claim this one, use the bonus code ULTIMATEWIN.
  • Blackjack Bonus—Blackjack players have a special place at Win Palace—if you love Blackjack, you have found your new online home! We offer Blackjack players a 100% match on deposits of up to $500. The best part is that you can claim this bonus 10 times! That is $5000 in free money to wager at the Blackjack tables. To claim this awesome Blackjack Bonus use the bonus code WINBJ.
  • Video Poker Bonus—Video Poker is an ever popular alternative to slot games, and it has a following of devotees all its own. For Video Poker fans we offer a bonus similar to our Blackjack Bonus—100% matching on deposits of up to $500. And, like the Blackjack Bonus, it may be claimed up to 10 times! Use the Video Poker Bonus code WINVP to claim.
  • Weekly Bonuses—Check back every week for great Slots, Table Games, Roulette, and Specialty Game bonuses to keep your play account flush with funds. We also have very special Daily Specials that will keep the gaming fun, and will encourage you to try some new things in the online casino world!

We hope that you will come and join us at Win Palace soon for an entertaining evening of gaming fun!