Meet the Incan Goddess from Real Time Gaming

RTG doesn’t actually have an Incan Goddess, of course, but they have included one in this Incan-themed game that is very detailed and has a lovely color scheme included as well.

It will have a familiar feel to it if you’ve tried RTG slot games before, but don’t let that deter you – it actually has all kinds of great features you will want to find out more about. Allow us to introduce you to them…

Reels and paylines?

This part at least is much as you’d expect it to be. There are five reels and a nice manageable number of paylines – 20 of them in total.

Betting options

Many players love penny slots, and Incan Goddess does fit that category. However, it’s also possible to choose other coin values as high as $5 a time. That makes the top bet $100 – far higher and better for bigger-budget players.

Special symbols to watch out for

The Goddess is used as a wild in this game. She also pays out the biggest prize for five on a line. Elsewhere, you may also see a temple appear on the reels. You will like this symbol too, because it is a scatter. It has a special purpose that will be revealed in just a moment.

Does Incan Goddess have a bonus feature?

More about that scatter now, because three of them will reward you with 12 free spins. There are a couple of other neat features about the free spins too. Firstly, you can trigger the freebies to happen again by getting another three temples. Secondly, you always get a 2x multiplier on any prizes won – unless the Goddess helps you win something, in which case the prize is quadrupled. How lovely!

Download and play Incan Goddess slots now!

We rather liked this game – the look of it is nice and familiar without feeling like you’ve played it before. The addition of a random jackpot amount towards the top center of the screen (i.e. a progressive jackpot) is a nice touch and one you might just be lucky enough to win as well. You never know – someone has to win it! This is triggered entirely at random after a paid spin, so one of your spins could turn out to be a whole lot luckier than you ever thought it might be. Meet the Incan Goddess now!