How Good Will Your Medal Tally Be?

That’s the question to answer here, in this slot game based on an Olympic theme. You don’t have to wait once every four years to give it a shot, though!

The game looks pretty familiar if you have already tried your hand at one or two other RTG slots. This one does have a nice look to it, even though they’ve resorted to using the K, Q and A symbols alongside the more relevant ones provided for the theme. Let’s see what else might be in store.

Reels and paylines?

Everything here at least is quite formulaic. You’ve got five reels in the spin and 25 paylines to decide your bets on.

Betting options

Things are about as simple as they can get here. You have a single coin value, set at four cents apiece, which means betting all the lines (something you have to do) will set you back a dollar at a time.

Special symbols to watch out for

There are three medals in the game and the symbol featuring them all is the wild. Just two or more wins a prize, and of course you will get the chance to substitute other images with this symbol as well.

But you can also watch out for a certain logo in the game – not the actual game logo, but a logo that says FEATURE. This is the scatter symbol and you need to get a minimum of three to win some free games. You can find out more by reading below.

Does Medal Tally have a bonus feature?

Yes, you can win those free games by getting three, four or five FEATURE symbols. These will win you 10, 15 or 20 free spins respectively. The more the merrier, clearly!

It doesn’t matter how many free games you end up with, you can enjoy the outcome bringing you triple-value prizes whenever you win something. However, there is another perk to be aware of here too.

Whenever medals appear during your free spins, they will start to build up. The more medals you have by the end of your spins, the bigger the prize you will get. It could be anything from 5x your bet all the way to the jackpot for getting 50 or more medals!

Download and play Medal Tally slots now!

Make sure you get the biggest medal tally you can in this slot – you won’t regret it!