Sevens and Stripes Slots

Red, white, and blue - that's the color scheme for this slot. It has more than a dose of fun included in it, despite its simplicity. It will remind you of the flag for the USA, even though you won't see it as you play.

If you like slots that look great but keep things simple, the Sevens and Stripes slot might just be another one to add to your armory.

Reels and win lines

We said this was a simple game and this part is as simple as it gets - three reels, one payline. That's it.

Coins in play

Five cents is the smallest spin bet you can play here. The coins go higher to reach five dollars at most. You can also increase your bet from one coin to either two or three if you prefer. This means you get access to bigger prizes on the paytable, even if you wager the smallest amount per coin.

To illustrate, getting the jackpot prize would bring you 2,400 coins for a single-coin bet and double that for two coins. Trigger it with three coins and you'll scoop a much larger 10,000-coin prize.

Sevens and Stripes special symbols

There is no wild here and the game is far too small to give us a scatter. The idea is to watch out for number 7s appearing in - you guessed right - red, white, and blue. You should also watch out for bar symbols of various types. These are your keys to winning prizes in this game. Everything is labeled in the paytable to indicate the potential prizes on offer.

Bonus chances

This is a basic game, which means you shouldn't expect to find any bonuses on offer here.

Download and play the Sevens and Stripes slot today

We think the appeal of this one is the affordable nature of the game and, of course, its simplicity too. While that latter element might deter some players from trying it, Sevens and Stripes is good enough to entertain lots of people. If you can manage the three-coin bet at 15 cents a pop, we would recommend it, since it opens the way to bigger prizes on the paytable. However, your budget should always come first.

Sevens and Stripes may be one of the simpler games we've reviewed of late, but it still delivers exactly where you would expect it to.