The Big Heist Slots

The Big Heist slot sounds like it is going to trigger some drama for us to watch. A heist can mean jewels, it can mean cash, it can mean anything of value that is about to be stolen and taken by those perpetrating the event. So, does that turn out in our favor in this game or is there more to this than meets the eye?

Reels and win lines

This is a tiny game – far smaller than the big theme might suggest. We get only three reels to play with and just one line.

Coins in play

You cannot try this one as a penny slot, but the smallest coin still comes in at just five cents. That means you can spin from five cents per go. Up to three coins can be wagered on that line, with the maximum coin value coming in at five dollars.

The Big Heist special symbols

Since this is a small game, there is no scatter in action here. You won’t spot a wild either. You will see some assorted symbols including a police badge, some pistols, and maybe a donut or two. They are all worth various prize amounts depending on what you find on the reels.

Bonus chances

There is, surprisingly, a bonus included in this game. It could take a while to trigger it though. The game has a Safe Dial Counter present on the screen. Every police badge you find during play will add one point to the counter. When it hits 50 points, you get to play the feature.

This is a simple feature too – the safe dial pops open and reveals a prize inside. You win this and then carry on playing. You can also pop the safe earlier if you manage to find three dials on the payline. That is the quickest way to get it open… but can you manage to get that combination?

Download and play The Big Heist slot today

This is a simple game to play but it does link with the Big Heist title. The idea is to break open the safe to find out what is inside. There is some potential to win a big prize too, so you never know how fortunate you might be when the heist gets underway. Give it a try and you will soon see whether this safe will be filled with riches.