Be Ready for Some ‘Reel’ Monster Mayhem!

Everyone loves a slot game that gets real generous with its paylines. We've got a cracker for you here, and we should probably say it provides some real monster fun too.

The theme is obviously based around a monster getting loose in a city - that much is easy to see from the symbols that appear in this game. This is one of the better RTG titles, simply because it has all-relevant symbols and none of those A, Q and K symbols anywhere. But there is a lot more to look forward to when you play too…

Reels and paylines?

This game is packed with paylines - 50 of them spread over your usual number of reels, five.

Betting options

You've got a nice number of coin values to select from here, with one cent being the lowest and a $5 coin as the highest. You can only play a single coin per line.

Special symbols to watch out for

There are two monsters in the game - Smash and Crash. Well of course. These are the two wilds and they show up on the first and fifth reels. They have a special power in that they substitute for everything, including the scatter, which is a city.

Does Monster Mayhem have a bonus feature?

There is a Monster Mayhem feature available to trigger. If you get Smash on the first reel and Crash on the fifth reel, you can get a re-spin bonus. This means those two monster wilds are held in place while the remaining three reels spin again. This can happen as many as 10 times.

You also get a multiplier in each game. This will be the number of the game you play, so while the second game has a 2x multiplier, the 10th game has a 10x multiplier. Good luck!

Download and play Monster Mayhem slots now!

You might also notice this game offers you two chances at snagging a progressive jackpot. It's always nice to find one of those in play, but when you get two it's even better! These are a minor and a major jackpot, so you will have the feeling that you never know when one of these might be triggered. And you never know, it might just be you.

Give Monster Mayhem a shot now to see how fortunate you could be while playing it. It's one of the best RTG slots you could try.