Dive Into the Crystal Waters Slot Game

Yes, you’ve got it – it’s time to dive into a watery theme here, thanks to this great slot game from Real Time Gaming. Let’s get tropical and see what this watery theme has to offer. We think you might end up rather liking this game, but let’s see what it can actually offer you in terms of gameplay.

What should you expect in terms of reels and paylines?

Lots of RTG games have 20 lines over five reels, and this is another of those.

How much could you bet?

The lower end of the scale is a 20-cent bet on all the lines, which means just one cent on each. On the other hand, it is possible to play $5 on each line if you have a larger budget to play with.

Does Crystal Waters have any particular symbols to look for?

There is a dolphin that appears as a wild symbol, but it does not appear on every reel. Watch for it on the even-numbered reels only. If it does appear and helps you to make a winning line, you can enjoy a double-value prize. There is also a yacht that looks very inviting, and this is the scatter for the game.

Is there a bonus round of some sort?

You can win some free spins if you manage to get a minimum of three yachts appearing anywhere as the scatter symbol. This round features all the usual symbols, but it also has one extra one – a fish. This bonus fish can only appear on the center reel, but when it does, it brings a multiplier along for the ride.

It’s also neat to realize the fish is also a wild in the free games. You can win anything from a 2x multiplier all the way to an 8x multiplier, which should be enough to make you try to access this round if luck goes with you! The additional wild also increases your chances of gaining more prizes.

Download and play Crystal Waters slots right now!

What can we say about Crystal Waters? Well, this is a fun game and the free spins have been tweaked slightly to make them a little different from the usual fare. You might soon realize there are all kinds of great features to watch out for, but the colors and the calming nature of the game make it a great one to play too.