Witness the Beauty of the Mermaid Queen

The mermaid looks stunning in this game, and you will soon find out how impressive the game is, thanks to the hard work put in by the team at Real Time Gaming.

But will the mermaid take you into the deep to find some worthwhile prizes? Or does she have a little more to show you in the shape of bonus prizes and features?

Reels and paylines?

You’ve probably seen lots of slot game with five reels and 20 lines scattered across them before. Here’s another one for you, thanks to the appearance of this game.

Betting options

Most players will find something to play with here. The lowest bet is as low as it can go, with one cent on each line. You can also try for a much higher bet of five dollars on each line if you really want to.

Special symbols to watch out for

Even the paytable looks great in this game! The mermaid looks over it, and you will see how powerful she is, since she acts as a wild for the game (or substitute, as mentioned on the paytable). She will only show up on the first, third and fifth reels, but when she does, she can help you towards more possible wins.

You also have scatters to think about – and in this game they appear in the shape of a clam shell. Two or more will award a prize as given on the table, of between 1x and 200x your bet.

Does Mermaid Queen have a bonus feature?

It sure does, and it involves free games. You will get 10 free games if you manage to get a mermaid on each of the three odd-numbered reels. You get double-value prizes during those spins, but there is a little more involved here as well.

Every clam that shows up in the free spins round will get you another free spin. If you get a prize on any of those additional spins, it will be tripled in value. You can also re-trigger the spins, so this really is a game that keeps on giving!

Download and play Mermaid Queen slots now!

Mermaid Queen is not the first slot that takes you into the depths of the ocean. However, it is a nice one and has enough perks involved to show you just how good a game of this kind can be.