Diamond Mine Slots

Can you imagine what it would be like to head into a real diamond mine? You won’t get the chance to do that here, but you will get an opportunity to check out the game of that name from RTG. That alone should be enough to pique your curiosity, as it did ours!

We’ll start by revealing this is a true classic, and if you know your slot games, you’ll know what we mean by that.

Reels and win lines in action

If you love three-reel titles, you are in luck here, as that is just what you are getting. There is only one line to place bets on, too.

Choose your wager

You won’t be amazed to see the chance to play up to three coins whenever you spin the reels of this game. The amount you wager does affect the prizes you could win, as shown in the paytable. Each coin goes from five cents to five dollars in value.

Diamond Mine special symbols in use

The diamonds are great to find, as you need only get one or two to secure a win. Elsewhere, the golden dollar signs are good to look for too. If you manage to fill the payline with three of these, you will be on the receiving end of 800, 1,600, or hopefully even 2,500 coins. The number you’d get would depend on how many coins you wagered on that winning spin. Something to aim for, don’t you think?

Bonus features to find

Many three-reel games don’t offer anything by way of a bonus round, so it is no major surprise to find this game doesn’t have one either. Diamond Mine keeps things nice and straightforward, and for that reason we’d recommend it to anyone who is new to online slots.

Download and enjoy a game of the Diamond Mine slot today!

This is one of those games where it pays to play the maximum number of coins whenever you spin the reels. While you don’t have a cent coin to use when betting, the five-cent minimum will make a three-coin line bet accessible for many players. With that said, it is a good game to enjoy even if you decide to stick with just one coin per spin.

Diamond Mine slots also have a sequel, so be sure to check out our review of Diamond Mine Deluxe, too.