Are You Ready to Watch Some Mice Dice?

With a cute title like that, it won’t be a huge surprise to learn mice are involved in this slot game… and they’re wearing cute suits and dresses too!

The game comes from the RTG stable and therefore has some pedigree before you even take a look at it. But is this a game for the beginner, or for the more seasoned slot player?

Reels and paylines?

If you fancy playing a five-reel game and you have the cash to cover 25 paylines, this could be a nice game for you to try.

Betting options

At as little as a cent per line, this game is easy enough to try. You can adjust the amount so you’re betting as much as five dollars each time as well if you like.

Special symbols to watch out for

Look out for the dice thrower, because this symbol is the one that has been chosen to act as a wild. It has the usual limitations in that it won’t replace the scatter, but it will replace everything else.

There is a scatter as well, and it looks like a casino. It can win you some prizes for getting three or more.

Does Mice Dice have a bonus feature?

There are free spins to be had if you find the dice thrower on the first two reels at once. You can get more than that, but this is the minimum amount. The number you get determines the free spins you can have as a reward.

There’s also a Win-Win bonus feature involved in the Mice Dice game. That’s always a good feature to have! If you play through your free spins without getting a prize, you’ll still win something thanks to this feature. In fact, you’ll win a prize depending on how successful you were with your free spins, so it’s a good feature to be included.

Download and play Mice Dice slots now!

Mice Dice is a fairly standard kind of game, but the addition of the Win-Win feature makes it more impressive than it would otherwise be. You can see how you can get a bigger prize because of this.

So if you have yet to give this game a try, you should definitely try it today. We liked Mice Dice – it may not be our favorite, but it certainly has plenty to make it appealing for you.