Nova 7s Slot

This Real Time Gaming slot is awash in bright colors that remind you of solar systems. As a graphics-intensive video slot, Nova 7s keeps you in the game with awesome animations for certain slot combinations, and a top prize of nearly 40,000x whatever you bet is available.

Take a journey into interstellar space with Nova 7s, which is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot that can be played from almost any device. Fire up your desktop computer, your Android or Apple mobile device, or just try the free, no win version right in your browser.

The symbols to watch out for here are the Red 7 Wild and the Blue 7 Scatter; the other symbols that fill up the board are the planets and Bohr’s symbol for the atom. Use your Welcome bonus to really rack up the cash, where playing with the money that the House gives you makes everything twice as fun!

Nova 7s Jackpot Dreams

Of course, you play casino games online to win, right? Well, the jackpot can be as high as 38,073 times whatever your initial bet on the lines was. Clearly, there’s a huge chance at really raking in the cash here – which is the exploding gameplay of Nova 7s Slot is an RTG favorite – even though the jackpot is fixed (the Progressives usually get the big draws). Once inside, you have the option of customizing the game to play at different speeds and paylines – there’s also an AutoPlay option for you real-money gamers.

Get to the Nova 7s Slot Bonus Rounds

This is where the real prizes exist. If you can manage to grab the Red 7 symbols, they will induce a graphics-intense solar flare. This is also called a nova in astrophysics, and the intensity can vary up to supernova and then hypernova – the brightest explosions in the known universe. To differentiate between which ones you’ll get, refer to the following:
  • If the Red 7s lands on reels 2,4,then you could be in store for a reels-covering solar flare that pays out.
  • If the Red 7s lands on reel 3, then a nova flourishes and delivers a 7x multiplier.
  • Blue 7s also bring gifts; if you get at least 3 Blue 7s, then you could be in store for 4 free spins.
  • Nova 7 can get you 7 free spins; a triple Scatter symbol allotment can also get you free spins.
  • The big one is the Supernova 7; this game-changer will multiply all your wins by a factor of 7!

There are also re-spins to increase the take-home from Nova 7s Slot; it just might be the best game in the universe.